Advanced Waxing Clinic         Unisex
                                      We are closed on Sunday and Monday
Welcome to the Advanced Waxing Clinic, where we specialise in   a variety of waxing treatments to cater for both men and women.  We also provide a full range of unisex beauty treatments and hope  that you will find that our dedication and efficiency makes your visit   a pleasant and calming one. 
Hair to be removed must be at leased ¼ inch long, ie: 4-6 weeks growth
Reasons to refrain from waxing
If you are taking any medication which sensitises the skin ie: Roaccutane.
If you are using any products which sensitise the skin ie: Glycolic Acid. If you are using Retin - A or Roaccutane at the time of treatment or in the last 3 months. If you are hypersensitive to heat treatments. If you have sunburnt skin or if you have used a tanning bed 24 hours prior to the treatment. Skin disorders or infections.
No hot baths/showers.                  No excessive perspiration.               No exposure to natural sun or sunbed. No perfumed products on the area.      No swimming       No tight clothing.      No direct contact with the area.
Ingrown Hairs As with any method of hair removal you can develop ingrown hairs. To help avoid this problem keep the area dry from perspiration and exfoliate regularly. We aim to remove as many ingrown hairs as possible during your treatment and have products available to help eliminate them for home use.
Due to our very busy schedule, we advise that you book your appointment well in advance. If you are unable to attend your appointment, it would be appreciated if you could notify us as soon as possible. Please ensure you are aware of the correct time and date of your appointment as missed appointments may incur a charge.  Latecomers may have to reschedule as we have set times for appointments and cannot guarantee you will be taken if you are not on time.